ArtJAW Designs is an artistic exploration by Brooklyn based artist Jenn Anne Williams (JAW).  As a native born Hoosier from a minuscule town, JAW constantly observed her neighbors conserve random items, knickknacks, and empty containers that they would transform into some profound future use or craft.  Her community’s  ‘junk drawer’ equated to garages and lawns filled with creative potential.  This led her to see art everywhere, in everything.  At a ripe young age when she wasn’t running barefoot through the garden, JAW began the life long pursuit as an experimental mixed media artist inspired by found objects and nature.  With a do-it-yourself attitude, ArtJAW Designs investigates, deconstructs, and rebuilds the everyday mundane into an entirely new entity. 

Surrounded daily by concrete slabs and city life, current artworks derive from the idea of an internalized wilderness.  With the singular use of an x-acto knife, cardboard containers and protective layers are sliced to shed light as well as leave multiple prints on everyday surfaces.  Magazine pages are dissected to obscure the original imagery and form new patterns.  The common paper bag transports both groceries and acts as a vehicle for nature based imagery.    

JAW earned a liberal arts degree with high honors from Hanover College with an emphasis on studio art and social practice.  With a combined love of the creative process and symbolism, JAW obtained her M.A. Summa Cum Laude in art therapy, education, and community engagement from New York University.  JAW is the recipient of the NYU's Global Learning Grant, the Hanover College's Alumni Award for Exemplary Scholarship, Character, and Citizenship and the Distinguished Award in Art, the Global Scholars Fellowship of Germany, the Global Scholars Fellowship of Japan, and the  Rivers Institute Fellowship.  She sparked the interest of art’s inherent therapeutic qualities with projects at Ramapo for Children, Salem Art Works, The Foundation for Sustainable Development in India, Creative Art Works, Free Arts NYC, the Children's Museum of the Arts, and the Center for Urban Pedagogy.  JAW continues her pursuit of art as a tool for empowerment at Marquis Studios.

Jenn Anne Williams

Dream, Rummage, Create